“Stay hydrated and beat the heat in St. George!”


Unless you are used to the dry heat of Southern Utah, it may come as a shock to you of how hot it actually is. Allow me to share a few pointers on how you can keep cool and play it safe: 


Stay Hydrated! 


Seems like a “no-brainer” but if you go to one of our many National or State Parks and start a hike that you might not have done before, you would be surprised at how quickly you can become dehydrated. 


I still vividly remember my first hike to Observation Point at Zion National Park. At the time, I was recovering from an auto accident so I was going to casually stay in the shade on the trail while my active husband was going to run ahead and complete the hike.


Now keep in mind that my husband usually takes on a hike as if he was on Survivor or Gladiator so in my head I figured he would be back shortly. My dear husband insisted he leave water with me but I didn't want to be weighed down with my bad back and shoulder so I declined. Eventually, time crept by; half hour after half hour went by with no sign of him returning. After what seemed like an eternity, I thought I would start walking and meet him at some point shortly. I passed several hikers and almost each one of them inquired if I needed water. I didn't feel like I did and I didn't want to seem like a wimp so each time I turned down the offers.


If you have never been to Observation Point, it is the highest and most rigorous hike at Zion’s and actually overlooks Angels Landing. Anyways, the afternoon was slipping by and still no sign of hubby. I began to realize that I had not seen anyone at all for some time. A little bit of panic started to creep in as I realized I was pretty darn thirsty. I made up my mind that there was no turning back! Determined, I kept pushing through, up one switchback after another and still no sign of anyone. Finally, I saw some guys come around the corner just in time.


Of course, when I really needed water these guys weren't offering it, so I had to swallow my pride and asked the guys if I could use their camel pack to get water. They were a little taken by surprise with some random, deranged looking chick alone on a trail asking to use their camel pack. Luckily, they were pretty cool about it.

As soon as I took my first drink from their camel pack, my husband came around the corner entirely astonished!   He was not expecting to see me almost to the top of that crazy hard hike, let alone with some random guys drinking out of a stranger's camel pack!! (He is a major germophobe).


I will never forget that experience and have since made a point to have adequate drinks to stay hydrated when participating in hiking and outdoor activities in Southern Utah. 


When you come to visit St. George be sure to have; 

  • Hydro flasks
  • Camel packs 
  • Freeze water bottles hours before you leave for a hike or the lake 
  • Gatorade slushies!

What is a Gatorade slushie? 

On a recent retreat to Lake Powell with our Red Rock Vacation Rental team, these Gatorade slushies were the lifesaver and hit of the trip!  


  1. Pick up Gatorade in bulk from Costco
  2. Freeze Gatorade “almost” all the way but not quite.
  3. Vigorously shake the half-frozen iced Gatorade until a slushie consistency. 


Shake and enjoy!


***Note; Have a designated "slushie" master in your group who will remember to rotate out the drinks from the freezer. If your slushie master was slacking and forgot to rotate the drinks before they froze solid, you can set them in the sun for a few minutes. 




Comment below on our favorite ways to stay hydrated on your hiking and outdoor adventures to Southern Utah!