How to Split the Cost of Our St. George, Utah Vacation Rentals to Save on Your Trip

While vacationing with your loved ones is such a great experience, there can be some tension when it comes to splitting costs. If one person feels they are paying too much or another feels like someone isn’t paying enough, it can put a damper on your trip. Here are our suggestions on how to split the cost of our St. George, Utah vacation rentals so you save on your next trip:

Split Vacation Rental Expenses by Room

bedroom in a red rock vacation rentalLet’s say you’re going on vacation with three other families. The easiest way to split this vacation is in thirds, even if each family size is different. This method typically works when everyone in the party is pretty relaxed about money. For smaller parties, you can offer compensation like the master bedroom or bathroom. If there is conflict about this method, try operating like the rental is a hotel, and charge everyone a fair nightly rate per room.

Split Vacation Rental Expenses by Person

Another method for splitting our St. George, Utah vacation rentals would be to split the cost per person. This works best with parties of individuals, or groups of friends vacationing together. Whether you’re going out of town just to have fun, visiting friends, or celebrating a bachelorette party, splitting the cost between people can save everyone in your party money.

Split Vacation Rental Expenses by Person Per Night

red rock kitchenOne of the best ways to split the cost of a rental with friends and family is to split the cost by person per night, meaning that everyone is charged fairly for the amount of time that they were staying in the rental. For example, if Family A is staying Sunday through Sunday, they should have to pay more than Family B who is staying Sunday through Friday.

Split Food Costs and Other Expenses

The easiest way to split food and other expenses is on a buy-your-own approach. Pay for what you eat and eat what you pay for. Again, this works best in groups of individuals or couples. For communal dinners, each member can take turns buying ingredients and preparing a meal. However, for larger families, this method may not always work, especially with groceries. For this we recommend the concept of shares, where the families buy communal groceries at the start of the trip and divide that cost accordingly.

At the end of the day, vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun, not spent worrying about finances and splitting costs. When you book with us, you’ll be able to experience the beauty of Utah from one of our St. George, Utah vacation rentals that your whole family can enjoy. Look through our St. George vacation rentals and start planning your next trip today!