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4 Advantages of Booking Direct for Your St. George Vacation Rental

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October 4, 2022

In the world of online travel agencies and third-party booking systems, people have begun to rely on these services to book their vacation rentals. Unfortunately, there are many perks that you miss out on when you use these services instead of booking directly through the rental company. Here are 4 advantages of booking direct for your next St. George vacation rental:

1. Save Money

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One of the best ways to save money on your St. George vacation is by booking directly with Red Rock Vacation Rentals. Instead of having to deal with the headache of all the extra fees that are attached to companies like Airbnb and Vrbo, you can book through our website or give us a call to get the best rate on your vacation home. While the service fees for OTAs vary depending on where you are staying and the time of season, you can save up to 15% when you book your stay through us. In addition, we can provide you with ways to save on the local attractions and restaurants in St. George, and you can receive 10% off your rent if you’ve stayed with Red Rock before!

2. Direct Point of Contact

As you begin searching for the perfect St. George vacation rental, you will probably think of some questions that you would like answered. If you were to book through an online travel agency, they would not have the answers you are looking for. On the other hand, our friendly, local staff is more than happy to answer any questions you have about any of our properties. Do you have a list of amenities that you would like to have during your stay? When you book direct with us, you will have a reservation specialist who can help you find the perfect rental for your trip!

3. Local Area Knowledge

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In many cases, the people that you are dealing with through a third-party booking site do not live in the area you are traveling to and may have not ever been there before. When you book directly through Red Rock Vacation Rentals, you are able to speak directly with people who know about the area, community layouts, and who can lead you to all the best attractions and restaurants in town. As you plan out your vacation, feel free to contact our reservation specialists with any questions you have about St. George.

4. Personal Connection and Customer Service

Perhaps the biggest drawback of using online travel agencies is that they are hard to get ahold of and are usually not very personable. That is not the case when you book directly through Red Rock Vacation Rentals! As you search for your next St. George vacation rental, our friendly staff is more than happy to assist you and will do whatever we can to make your trip better. Whether you need assistance finding the perfect home away from home or you are trying to find things to do in the area, we are always just a phone call away. Plus, we provide a textable phone number during your stay for anything you might need day or night.

Are you ready to plan your vacation to gorgeous southern Utah? Allow us to help you find the right St. George vacation rental for your entire family!