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As a vacation rental owner, Red Rock has been outstanding. We had used Red Rock as guests (excellent experience) and so we felt confident using Red Rock as property managers for our Desert Color property. They have been proactive, collaborative and conscientious. We’ve had great marketing for the property, good occupancy rates and strong cleaning/maintenance.

Steve B.

We bought a house in June 2020 and contacted Dale to see what he thought about turning it into a vacation rental. He talked through the process with my husband and I over the phone and set up a time to walk the property with us prior to purchase. He made several suggestions on how to maximize the rental potential and was very informative. We looked into a few other companies but found Red Rock to be the best fit for us. I loved the ease of their website and found their office staff to be very friendly and accommodating. We closed on our home and by the following month we were already seeing our home book up. We are now 3 months into this experience and our home is renting more then we ever anticipated. Jan was our onboard specialist, she was great and helpful throughout the entire process as we got our home ready for our first rental. We have had great communication through this entire process. I highly recommend Red Rock if you are looking at local property managers, they are thorough, professional, and really treat your home as their own. We have been to our home a few times already and every time we are at the home it is clean and in great shape just as we left it. We appreciate their cleaning staff and their attention to detail. You can’t go wrong with using Red Rock Property Management to look after your home!

Brook E.

We just switched Property Management companies to Red Rock. Although we have only been with them a short time, they got us up and running quickly, immediately had numerous reservations, timely and informative communication, and refreshing follow thru. The unit was very clean, Jan and Dale have been great to work with. We feel confident that all this will continue and have a long term working relationship that is satisfactory to both of us.

Larry W.

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