The 6 Best Places To Eat In St. George, Utah

Jun 19 2019

Red Rock Vacation Rentals are here to make sure you have the best time possible in St. George, Utah. People are always raving about the hikes and biking trails that surround St. George, Utah.

Lots of folks talk about the great small town feeling that resides here due to the farmers market, downtown festivals and movies in the park.

St. George, Utah is not only home to Snow Canyon State Park and Tuachan, but it is also home to some of the best food around. There are numberless options to choose from and loads of different types of food.

Food plays a big role in if you like a city or not. Luckily, there is something for everybody here in St. George.

Here is a list of the 7 best places to eat in St. George, Utah

1. Benja Thai And Sushi

 Benja Thai And Sushi is the best place in town to experience authentic Thai food as well as amazing sushi. The calming ambiance coaxes you to stay at the all day and indulge in the sushi bar and other delectable foods.

The menu is full of options for everyone– meat lover, vegetarian, and vegan. The food tastes fresh and will leave you feeling satisfied. Benja Thai and Sushi has many reputable menu items. The Tom Kha Kai soup is one you will not regret ordering. It is full of flavor with coconut milk, mushrooms, and lemongrass.

This is a Benja’s specialty and one that is a must to order. The curry options at Benja’s are a dream. There is red, green, and yellow. You can make your curry vegetarian with either tofu or strictly vegetables. Benja’s is the place to go if you are searching for a taste of Asian with a relaxed atmosphere.

2. The Painted Pony

Located in the heart of St. George, Utah, The Painted Pony is the place for Southwestern cuisine that is bound to please any pallet. The restaurant is filled with contemporary art that makes the overall vibe chic and inviting.

There is a wine list with many options that will pair nicely with the generous portions.  You can choose from different chicken, pork, lamb, and beef options as well as tuna. The many side options compliment the main dish and add to its deliciousness. You can’t forget dessert when you are at The Painted Pony.

Whatever your sweet tooth is craving, there is something for you. Choose from Creme Brulee, cakes, pies, and puddings. The Painted Pony is a St. George classic that will make you happy you stopped by for a meal.

3. Cliffside

Cliffside restaurant is known for its delicious food as well as its picturesque views. Windows surround the restaurant to ensure you are able to take in the beauty of St. George, Utah. Nothing does dinner and a view quite like Cliffside restaurant. The views are not the only recommendable aspect of Cliffside.

There are lunch and dinner options for everyone’s tastes.  The butternut squash soup is a classic option at Cliffside. The soup has the perfect blend of flavors and will want you wanting another bowl or two. You can’t go wrong with the crispy hand-cut parmesan fries that are the best start to any meal. Cliffside is a great place to relax, unwind, and take in the view of St. George.

4. 700 Degree Pizza

700 Degree Pizza is a newer restaurant to St. George and has been taking the city by storm. This restaurant takes the local approach when finding the best ingredients for their pizzas. Their goal is to find the freshest ingredients from local suppliers so they can offer the freshest farm to table service as possible.

The pizzas are cooked to perfection in the wood-fired brick oven. This gives the pizzas a distinct taste that will have you wanting slice after slice. 700 Degree pizza is also a great place to watch a game and have a cold one with your friends. Choose from hard ciders, craft beers, and wines. Nothing makes you want to stay awhile and watch a game like a pizza and a beer.

5. Red Fort

Red Fort Cuisine Of India has been a great addition to St. George, Utah. The authentic Indian food will fill your belly and your pallet. The food is full of flavor and the service is spot on. Red Fort help you get a deeper insight into the Indian culture. The decor is rich and vibrant and does perfectly with the vibrancy of the flavors of the food.

The Chicken Tikka Masala is a classic Indian dish that is always a great option. The naan bread is to die for and pair perfectly with most of their entree options. The restaurant is always bustling with people and is definitely a great option to eat in St. George.

6. Cappeletti’s

This family-owned Italian bistro is one of the best Italian restaurants in town. The restaurant is owned and operated by Andres & Lorena Cappeletti and their three children.  The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and makes you feel as if you are at home enjoying a home cooked meal.

The service is friendly and kind and makes you want to keep coming back time and time again. There are loads of menu items to choose from and one to suit any mood you are in. Some of the menu items have an Argentine flair to them and are scrumptious. The gnocchi is one of the best things on the menu and the chicken gorgonzola is another favorite.

Cappeletti’s is located in downtown St. George and is the perfect place to eat.

St. George is full of great food options. After a long day of hiking and biking, you will definitely enjoy taking an hour or so to unwind and enjoy one of these great restaurants. No matter what your preferences are when it comes to restaurants, one of these is sure to fit your fancy.Categories: Best Places To Eat St. George

The Perfect St. George Labor Day Vacay

Aug 26 2019

The Labor Day holiday has always signaled a winding down of summer. The 4th of July fireworks have come and gone, there’s a faint hint of fall in the air, and most families are already settling into their back-to-school rhythm. But with the Labor Day holiday approaching, now is the perfect time to start a new end-of-summer tradition: a family vacation to St. George.

 Here in St. George, our canyon breezes remain mild, our hiking trails are sun-kissed, and our sparkling swimming pools and hot tubs are warm and inviting. Invite your whole group together for a magical, memory-filled Labor Day trip to St. George that’s sure to become an annual family-favorite getaway.

 We’ve put together the perfect long-weekend Labor Day schedule for you and your whole crew to enjoy a relaxing Red Rock vacation. And whether you’re looking for a huge vacation home to hold your big family or group of friends, or you want a cozy place to rest and reconnect, Red Rock Vacation Rentals has the perfect spot for you. Gather the gang together and savor late summer in Saint George.

Friday Night 

Grab Some Pizza— and Dessert!

Arrive and start the long weekend right with a visit to one of our favorite St. George pizza places— 700 Degree Pizza. We’ve already sung the praises of this restaurant in a previous post, but it bears repeating— this place is amazing! With an old-world approach and a wood-fired pizza oven, 700 Degree Pizza offers tasty farm-to-table fare that’s sure to please the whole family. Try the Mushroom Mayhem or the Quattro Formaggi pizzas. They also have an impressive selection of hard cider, craft beer, and wines.

Before heading back to your St. George vacation rental home, do a quick drive-by at Swig N Sweets. Pick up a couple of creamy Raspberry Dream sodas and their famous sugar cookies to take home for dessert. A visit to Swig N Sweets is a must when visiting St. George!


Visit a Farmers Market

Nothing captures the late summer Labor Day vibe like a vibrant, colorful farmers market. The Downtown Farmers Market at Ancestor Square is held every Saturday starting in May through the end of October. The market features a variety of local vendors selling fresh, seasonal produce. 

Pick up staples like just-picked fruits and vegetables, free-range meats, fresh-made goat cheese, organic eggs, local honey, and crunchy trail mix. There’s even live plants, fresh-cut flowers, and herbs to choose from. Stock up on fragrant organic soaps, handmade jewelry, impressive woodwork, and yummy baked goods, too. Talented local musicians play throughout the market. Come enjoy a beautiful Utah morning, stock up on supplies for the weekend ahead, and delight in the friendly, small-town feel.

Fly High on a Hydro Flight

Craving some adventure? Try out an Extreme Hydro Flight! Feel the thrill as you soar up to 30 feet above the water, powered only by water jets. You’ll receive hands-on training by a hydro flight expert, who stays with you until you’re comfortable. Then it’s up, up, and away! Fly above the lake waters and enjoy the delight of flight and the majestic mountain views. Enjoy a one-hour intro flight or a half-day excursion. It’s an adventure your family won’t soon forget!

Take a Drive to a Local Festival

Hurricane Valley Peach Days is a time-honored tradition for the city of Hurricane. Originally started as the Fruit Festival in 1909, the annual event became a popular tradition. The festival starts on Friday and runs all weekend, with a variety of entertainment, food, and games. Head to the festival on Saturday before 9 AM to catch the Peach Parade. After the parade, head over to the Pioneer Corner to revisit Utah’s heritage traditions. Later that evening, there’s a concert by the Dutton Family and a super-fun Foam Dance. Labor Day fireworks at 9 PM are the perfect end to a jam-packed day at the festival.

See a Play

Put down the cell phones, step away from the television screens, and enjoy the live musical “Newsies” at The Electric Theater in downtown St. George. You’ll have to leave the Peach Days festival a bit early to catch it, but this crowd-pleasing play is worth it. Newsies is a Disney musical that tells the tale of the Newsboy Strike of 1899. Jack Kelly, a rebellious newsboy who dreams of being an artist, takes on a powerful newspaper publisher and shows New York City the power of the “little guy.” It’s pure sing-a-long fun for the whole family.


Have Lunch at a St. George Landmark

Head over to George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub for lunch. George’s Corner is a St. George staple and a popular favorite. The location used to be The Big Hand Cafe and was a gathering spot for the whole town back in the day. Now a beloved local favorite restaurant located in the heart of downtown St. George, George’s Corner serves simple, delicious comfort food. Try the Barbeque Baby Back Ribs with hush puppies, the Short Rib Ragout with bowtie pasta, or Build Your Own Grilled Cheese. Yum!

Hit the Hiking Trails

After fueling up at lunch, head out for a hike. If there’s one thing that St. George does better than anywhere, it’s hiking. Our stunning vistas, perfect temperatures, and well-maintained trails are some of the best in the country. Bring your sturdy hiking shoes, a full water bottle, and a few snacks and spend the day exploring the majestic beauty of southern Utah. 

One of our favorite trails, the Whiptail is super-popular with hikers and bikers of all ages and levels. The trail follows the bottom of Snow Canyon State Park and climbs about 500 feet past the park office and campground. The paved trail ends conveniently at a scenic picnic table area. With a moderate six miles round-trip— and on a paved road— the trail is not very difficult. And of course, there is the amazing backdrop of the canyon to enjoy during the hike.

Another trail we love is the Petrified Dunes in Snow Canyon State Park. The trail winds through some rugged terrain that was at one time flowing sand dunes. The half-mile trail takes you down through the Petrified Dunes. Hikers can explore the peaks and crevices of ancient Navajo sandstone. It ends close to the picturesque Hidden Pinyon Overlook. Enjoy breathtaking views of the canyon throughout.

Head back to your comfy St. George vacation rental— like Family Hideaway or Pride of the Ledges— and grill up some dinner, chill on your backyard patio, and take a relaxing, post-hike soak in the shared hot tub.

Monday Morning

Fuel Up at a Classic Diner

Whew— what an amazing long weekend in St.George!

Before leaving your St. George vacation rental and heading home, stop by the Wagon Wheel Diner for some mouthwatering, classic diner breakfast. Linger over sweet cream waffles and crispy fried chicken, fluffy biscuits and gravy, or giant, homemade cinnamon rolls. The coffee is hot, fresh, and bottomless— and served with a friendly smile! It’s the perfect send-off to your long-weekend Labor Day vacay in St. George.

Whether you’re traveling with a large group of friends and family or just want a quiet weekend away with a special someone, Red Rock Vacations has the perfect St. George vacation rental home for you. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has tons of local insider info. We can help you choose the perfect St. George vacation home for your Labor Day getaway. Drop us a line or give us a call at 435.703.9944 and let us help you plan your trip.Categories: General

We can help you book the best vacation resort in St. George, Utah

Vacation Resort in St. George, Utah

Feb 10 2020

Are you planning your next vacation? Where to reside during the vacation is one of the things to think about. The idea of vacation resort solutions St George Utah seems to be the best among many travelers. If you are interested in booking Resort vacation properties Saint George, it is important that you find a responsible and reliable agent providing vacation resort solutions St. George Utah. In this post, we share important ideas to help you search and discover the best resort for your St George Utah Vacation packages.

1. Understand what you require
With a growing number of all-inclusive resort vacation properties Saint George, you are assured different options. Therefore, whether you are looking for a family-friendly resort or you are traveling on a romantic date, it is important that you come up with the requirements. This is in order to guide your booking agent on the best options for your vacation package. Even if you are booking directly without considering an agent, you need to read the description of the resort online to find out whether their setting will match your requirements.

There are resorts specifically designed to cater for those who are traveling on business while others are suitable just for the holidaymakers. You will find resorts in St George Utah providing a Spa, built with Golf course available all day, and various other options. Therefore, finding a suitable resort depends on ensuring that you understand your requirements.

This eases the process of booking a vacation resort near you.  This way, you have assured a wonderful vacation from the day of checking in to the date of checking out. Therefore, start listing your requirements now and forward to your booking agent.

2. Watch out for extra charges
Make sure you clarify whether the ticket includes all the important amenities you need during your stay at the vacation resort. Although most resorts say they are all-inclusive, this is not the case. Some will charge an extra cost to provide the amenities. Therefore, you may be surprised to find that you need to pay an extra charge for off-site excursions and even internet fees. To avoid the surprise, make sure you find out about any additional charges required to access the amenities and resources. You do not want to end up reducing your budget just to pay for accommodation.

3. Check out the online reviews to rate the services
When booking a vacation resort, you want to make sure that it is the best, and offers top-rated services. Therefore, go online and read reviews from past customers. You will find various online review websites where you can reference them. Ensure that the resort you prefer has a five-star rating based on customers’ experiences.

4. Involve an experienced Resort Vacations St George Agents
To ease the experience of searching for a resort for your St. George vacation, hire an experienced agent. The resorts booking agent will help you find a suitable resort since they have a wide experience. Moreover, do not forget that a local agent is knowledgeable about the different services offered by the local resorts. Therefore, it becomes easier identifying a resort that will help you achieve your dream vacation.

5. Be flexible with dates and book early
If you are interested in finding the best vacation resorts in St. George Utah, and at an affordable cost, it is advisable that you start making the booking early. You also need to be flexible with the dates. Moreover, consider an off-peak booking to avoid the increased price. Consider that when there is a high demand for vacation resort rentals, the prices are increased to maximize the earnings. On off-peak, the prices are back to normal. Therefore, traveling when the prices are back to normal is the best for a budget traveler. Do not forget that the quality of service is better when the resorts are serving fewer travelers.

6. Plan ahead and pay upfront
Avoid the last minute booking when traveling for this summer’s vacation. Some resorts offer discounted rates for bookings made six months early. Take advantage of some of these perks while it is still early. This could mean more savings for you.

7. Be a loyal customer
If you travel regularly, choose an all-inclusive vacation near you and become loyal customers. This opens up several rewards available to loyal customers. For instance, you can enjoy free upgrades or even tickets to visit reserved parts of the resort.

Therefore, have the above tips in mind when booking a vacation resort. These tips will help you discover the best resorts and at the best pricing. Do not forget to consult an experienced agent. For St. George Utah Vacation rentals, we could help you.Categories: Vacation Resorts

Are you looking for a vacation house with a pool in Utah?

Vacation House with a Pool in Utah

Feb 10 2020

Here is How To find a Vacation Rental Property That suits your Requirements

Finding the best vacation houses for rent in Utah may seem a lot harder. When traveling with a family or as a group, decisions about vacation rentals are usually collaborative. Your significant other, as well as your children, want to have a say when it comes to finding the best family vacation rental homes.

Therefore, it is important you find out different techniques to help you in finding vacation rentals in Utah. In this post, I want us to look at some important tips to help you find the best private vacation homes for rent. Therefore, if you are searching for a vacation house with a pool near me, these tips should let you achieve the objective easily.

1. Check out the online reviews
Read Utah’s best vacation rental reviews to find out what past customers say about the particular vacation rental homes. Therefore, if you find any negative comments, you should be keen to avoid such properties. Ensure that you go for the vacation rental homes with five-star ratings. Therefore, be sure to check out trusted review websites. It is important that you go for the organically ranking properties and avoid the promoted adverts. Therefore, for best family vacation rental houses in Utah check the reviews that fall under that particular category.

2. Engage a trusted vacation rentals agent
An agent who specializes in vacation rentals is the right expert to guide you when finding private vacation homes for rent. Consider that the agent has experience handling similar clients. Therefore, it becomes easier to identify a property that matches your specific requirements. when looking for the best family vacation rental homes, engage the services of an agent who specializes in family vacation rentals.

Ideally, it is imperative that you ensure you are talking to the relevant agent to increase the chances of finding an appropriate vacation home.

3. Search Vacation Rentals Online
We are in the internet economy where you can find anything you need by simply searching online. In that regard, if you need a vacation rental for your family, just go online and look for relevant properties. However, be keen to read the descriptions and call the homeowner to find out more about the property.

Check out the images to find out whether the property is appealing to your eyes. Do not rush the decision.

4. Discuss with those accompanying you
When traveling as a group, it is important that you consider the expectations of each group member. For instance, if you are on a family vacation, talk to your significant other to come up with a list of features to consider. This lets you settle on the best family vacation rental homes. Therefore, if your kids prefer vacation houses with a pool near me, be sure to factor this requirement when making your reservations.

5. Consider the location
Where are you traveling to, and what are the main attraction sites? Ideally, when on vacation you want to ensure close proximity to main attraction sites. In that regard, if the attraction sites fall far apart, you may be forced to book different accommodations to reduce travel time. Remember that your travel itinerary needs to be well planned so that you can choose appropriate locations.

6. Get your timing right and be flexible with your dates
Before you place the bookings, you need to make sure that the timing is right. You do not want to experience inconveniences when traveling on vacation. Therefore, it is imperative that you start bookings early. Where possible, avoid going on vacation when everyone else is packing. Consider that vacation rentals experience higher demand resulting in increased prices. Therefore, an off-peak vacation booking will save you money.

7. Search more than one site
There is a good chance that visiting different sites for rental searches provides you a better opportunity to compare the available options. Therefore, do not base the choice of vacation rentals on entirely a single site.

8. Focus on saving money, but don’t be too cheap
You do not want to overspend on accommodation. Therefore, avoid the amenities that you may not need. For instance, if you will not be cooking your own meals, there is no need to book a vacation rental with a fully stocked kitchen. This saves you money while ensuring you optimize on your options.

9. Stay Safe and Secure
Are you looking for a private vacation home for rent? Probably you are traveling with your family and you are searching for the best family vacation rental homes. Ensure that security takes the center stage when searching for a property. In that regard, the only lookup for vacation rentals within sites that are rated as high-security sites.

Therefore, you now know what important factors to consider when looking for a property. Ensure that you stay within budget, and hire a professional. This way, you are guaranteed the best and relevant results.
 Categories: General

11 Travelers Share Their Secrets on Finding The Best Vacation Rental Properties in St. George Utah

Vacation Rental Properties in St. George Utah

Feb 10 2020

When setting up on a holiday with your family, where to stay is among the first questions that crop up. We found out that many travelers prefer Utah’s best vacation rentals rather than staying at a hotel. However, when it comes to choosing Utah’s best vacation rentals, for some families it is a nightmare.

In this post, we feature some top secrets shared by travelers on choosing the best vacation rental properties in St. George Utah. Keep reading to find out:

1. Ensure you choose a Convenient Location
While on holiday, you want to stay close enough to the main attractions. Best vacation homes should be conveniently located. This is in close proximity to main roads, and well connected in terms of electricity and the internet. Therefore, to ensure Utah’s best vacation rentals, it is important you consider the location.

2. Affordability To ensure you Do Not End-Up Overspending
One of the biggest expenses when traveling on vacation is accommodation. Therefore, while looking for Utah’s best vacation rentals, keep in mind the cost of the apartments. The objective is to make sure you do not overspend on accommodation and end up with limited cash for traveling around. Therefore, before you depart, determine how much you are to spend on accommodation.

3. Consider a fully furnished property
The best vacation homes feature fully furnished rooms. Therefore, you will find appliances, allowing you to prepare your own meals. Moreover, you are assured basic amenities like cutlery, towels, and toiletries for your use during the time of stay.

When you are booking a hotel room, you are not assured to find the basic amenities. In that regard, the best vacation homes feature all the amenities you are looking to find in your home.

4. Spacious ensuring comfort when traveling with your family
When picking resort vacation properties St. George, it is important you ensure you are picking the right apartment guaranteeing you a considerable space. Remember that when traveling with grown children, they will not agree to share rooms. Moreover, you want your children to enjoy ample playing space. Therefore, make sure you have booked spacious resort vacation rentals.

5. Do not forget to factor the décor
The resort vacation rentals feature an exact reflection of the environment it is located in. In that regard, if you are looking for a resort vacation rentals next to a beach, the décor should accessorize the atmosphere. You want to make sure that your family enjoys their  stay during the vacation. In that regard, it makes sense to ensure that you provide a friendly environment.

6. Consider Tech-enabled property
You want to make sure that the property looks and feels modern. A modern resort vacation rental features modern technology-enabled solutions. For instance, when it comes to security, you want doors fitted with modern security features. Therefore, remember to consider the technology aspect when booking into an apartment for your stay over the holidays.

7. Security
Needless to say, security is everyone’s worry when traveling to new places. You do not want to live in a neighborhood where there is a high crime rate. Therefore, research the location to ensure the crime rate is not high. Therefore, when searching for Utah’s best vacation rentals, do not forget to research the crime rate in that area. 

8. Lookout for reliable best vacation homes that offer protection policies and guarantees
Before you have paid for the resort vacation rentals, inquire about their protection policies. You want to make sure the management commits to protecting your items while you are visiting the attraction sites. Moreover, find out their policies on reservations and booking cancellations. You want to make sure they are providing convenience when it comes to bookings. This is such that in case you have unexpected changes regarding your travel, you get back your money. Although you may not get a full refund, make sure the policy favors you.

9. Check out the insurance implications
When renting out resort vacation properties in St. George, what happens to your personal belongings in case of unfortunate damage or someone stealing your property? Well, for most resort vacation rentals, it depends on whether you purchased the vacation insurance while booking. If they offer this option on their packages, it is advisable that you go for the option.

10. Checkup on the rental homeowner
Before committing to anything or making any payments, do a little research to help you check up on the property owners. Avoid relying entirely on electronic communication. If the property is part of a homeowners association, consider contacting the association.

11. Ensure you get a contract for renting the vacation Home
Before you get into any agreements or make any payments, it is important you ensure that the rental agreement outlines important details regarding your arrival and departure date. Include the method of paying and make sure any additional costs are indicated.

Therefore, you know the important things to consider when hiring Utah’s best vacation rentals. By ensuring you have adhered to these basics, you stand a chance to find the best vacation homes in your area.Categories: General

Ten Reasons to Book Vacation Rentals in Utah

Vacation Rentals in Utah

Feb 10 2020 –

Demand for Utah vacation rentals is on the upward trajectory. Many people are wondering what all the fuss is about Utah vacation rentals. I took the time to study some of the reasons why vacation rentals in Utah seem to become so popular. Keep reading to find out great reasons to search for vacation homes near me the next time you are on holiday.

1. Renting Utah Vacation Rentals Saves your Money
Renting Utah vacation homes is becoming surprisingly affordable. Let us suppose you are traveling with your extended family members. Booking hotel rooms would be much more expensive compared to going for a vacation rental near me. Therefore, for budget travelers coming to Utah, consider vacation home rentals near me. This will save you more money while ensuring maximum comfort.

2. Utah Vacation Homes are Available in More Places
The idea of renting a vacation home comes up especially when there are no hotel rooms near you. Whether you are traveling to a remote part or around semi-urban towns, you will find different vacation home rentals near me. Moreover, even in some places where you will find hotel rooms available, there is no guarantee you will enjoy the quality of service compared to living in vacation rentals. Therefore, vacation rentals become a perfect choice since you are guaranteed availability and quality services.

3. Enjoy Plenty of Space Living in Vacation Homes compared to Hotel rooms
If traveling on a family vacation, chances are that your kids will need plenty of play space. Search for spacious vacation house rentals near me and you will find dozens of options. Therefore, if traveling with grown children, you do not need to share a bathroom with them. Parents  enjoy their privacy while the kids have plenty of space to play around. Therefore, check out vacation rentals near me for different options.

4. Vacation home rentals near me allow the entire group to stay together
The vacation house rentals feature different rooms while they are designed to accommodate a large group. In that regard,  when traveling as a group, you enjoy a chance to stay together. This fosters interactions among group members. This is because vacation rentals feature several rooms possibly on different sides of the building. This lets everyone find it easy living interacting with their friends and peers.

5. Select Vacation Rentals Are much more comfortable When Travelling With Pets
Although not all vacation rentals allow travel with pets, many do. While several hotels will accept check in with pets, hotel rooms are not as spacious as vacation homes. Therefore, for those traveling with pets, it is advisable you search vacation house rentals rather than booking a hotel room.

6. Vacation Homes Allow Cooking at Home
Cooking your own meal feels exciting. Moreover, it is an opportunity to enjoy big savings on the amount planned to spend. Therefore, you are able to purchase whatever ingredients to make you feel at home. This is compared to the experience of having to cope with the “hotels menu of the day”. Therefore, those who want to have more fun cooking their own meals, prefer Utah vacation homes.

7. Enjoy Access to Free Laundry Facilities
Most vacation houses are equipped with all necessary appliances including washing machines. Therefore, staying at a fully furnished vacation home in Utah means you enjoy free access to laundry facilities. At the hotel, laundry services are available, but at higher prices compared to what the local market will charge you. 

8. Enjoy living more like the locals
Are you traveling to rural parts of the country? It would feel more exciting adopting a simple life just like the locals. Therefore, choose vacation home rentals rather than the hotel rooms. Best of all, you will be in contact with the locals as these rental homes are within the localities.

9. Gain added security
The hotels cannot compete with vacation home rentals near me. This is simply because while staying at a hotel, the staff come in to clean up and restock supplies, necessitating the use of safes to store valuables. Still, the hotel room occupants do not feel safe. Therefore, rather than live in a hotel room, it is recommended that you enjoy better security at the vacation house rentals near you.

10. No hidden charges
When you book vacation home rentals near me, you are dealing with the property manager or the homeowners. However, dealing with hotel bookings, you are dealing with hotel staff, some who may be there to overcharge the customer and earn more.

Are you planning to visit Utah one of the upcoming holidays? Consider Vacation home rentals near me for the best option at an affordable rate. Utah vacation rentals allow travelers to save money while providing maximum comfort levels.Categories: General

Vacation Home Rentals: Are They Worth It?

Feb 22 2020 –

Vacation homes rentals are becoming popular among tourists. More and more people are opting for vacation home rentals than hotels. When you opt for a vacation home rental, you get a whole house to yourself rather than a single hotel room; this makes it perfect for a family trip or a trip with your Romantic partner. If you are going for a vacation in Utah, It is going to be a home away from home! There are several Utah vacation rentals, land at Utah and Google vacation house rentals near me, and then book one!

If you are wondering whether they are worth the money or not, you would be glad to know that they are! Here are several reasons why they are better than fancy hotel rooms!

Best For Family Trips

Vacation home rentals near Utah are the best for family trips. If you are going on this trip with your family and you have a big family, this trip will be full of fights and bickering. As soon as they enter the hotel room, they will fight over the one bathroom that is available in the morning. They will fight over which side of the bed they want to sleep and, of course, the constant changing of the TV channels because one wants to watch WWF while the other wants to catch the latest rom-com will get on your nerves. Let’s avoid that entire ruckus and stay in a vacation rental near Utah. Ultimately this trip is meant to bring your family to come together and not grow apart! Your kids will be happy that they got their rooms with attached bathrooms, and there will be plenty of space and TV in each room, to keep the environment peaceful.

Majority Of The Vacation Homes Are Pet-Friendly

If you cannot live a day without your pets and like bringing your pets along with you on vacations, then you better look for vacation homes than hotels. Although there are hotels that do accept pets now, they are less in numbers. You will have better luck finding vacation homes that allow pets. You and your pet can have some fun time together in the big house. Plus, your pet can relax and run around the house, which he obviously cannot do in a small hotel room. Many of the hotels do not allow pets because of the noise and the disturbance they can cause to other guests. If you have a dog, and it constantly barks at night, it is going to cause problems for the other people living on the same floor. You are better off staying in a vacation home, where you will not have neighbors knocking on your door late at night to keep your dog quiet.

Chance To Get More Personal Recommendations From The Locals

Vacation inns tend to be located in the residential parts of the town, which means you will get more chances to interact with the locals. Additionally, the owners of the inn will be present to help you in case you have any queries and even recommend a place to visit and food to taste. You will get more of a local experience than if you live in a hotel.

Don’t Have To Wait Your Turn For Laundry

All of us know how annoying the wait can be and how much time it can waste. Plus, you need to put in coins every time you wish to wash your clothes and use the dryer. If you are someone who has to do laundry every day and does not like waiting, you should opt for vacation inns. Most of the vacation inns have washing machines and dryers that you can use without putting in coins.

Save Money By Cooking Your Meals At Home

Trips are expensive. You would want to keep the costs low. One way to cut down the cost is by cooking meals at your place. You cannot cook meals at the hotel; you would have to pay for whatever you order day and night, even snacks. You can avoid paying for the food if you decide to stay at a vacation home. The kitchen is all yours, and you can cook whatever you want! You can also use the fridge to store food in case you crave food at night.

Elderly People Or Ailing People Will Be More At Ease In Vacation Homes

If you are going on a vacation with your elderly grandparent or someone who is sick and needs special attention and food, vacation homes will be more suited to him or her. He or she will feel more at home. For fresh air, they can go out to the patio, and you can bring a cook along who can prepare meals, specially tailored for him or her.Categories: Vacation Home Rentals

What to look for in a vacation rental home in St. George, Utah?

Feb 22 2020 –

So there is a vacation spot in your mind where you love visiting every year or two. Instead of paying for the hotel or Airbnb, you can p[urchase a home or a villa and have your accommodation ready irrespective of the season you visit. In addition, it acts as an excellent real estate investment as well. You can rent out the property for the rest of the year and earn a decent side income.

But what kind of property should you buy? The answer to this question can vary widely; thus, here is what to look in a vacation rental home in St George Utah.

Property location

If you are considering this vacation rental as a mere investment option and not a place to spend your vacation, the site might not be a concern as long as it is a popular destination. You can simply search the web about the upcoming popular vacation homes for rent in Saint George Utah, but it is recommended to pick a spot that you personally like to visit.

It is helpful for the fact that you can use it yourself. Although it is essential to be located at a popular location, make sure you choose a place where you like to go. There is another reason for it. If you frequently visit the space, you will make sure it is up to date with the best amenities and features, And homes that are well-equipped are more likely to be picked for rent and at great prices.

The type of property

In most cases, the property type will be decided by the budget you have. If you are tight on funds and have little money to invest, you can pick a condo or apartment. If you have like millions to spend, you can even choose a large 5-bedroom, two-story villa.

However, there is a noticeable trend in Utah homes for rent by owner bookings. People generally prefer apartments over condos. Similarly, most travelers do not book massive mansions and try sticking with small apartments. It all depends on what kind of travelers you are targeting.

There is a bit of status involved as well. People might choose condos over houses and villas over apartments because they look good, catchy, and unique. But, most people will simply pick a place to live in their preferred location and budget.

Keep in mind the local laws before making a purchase, as in some areas, renting out a condo for short-term stay is illegal, but it is not the case with house rentals in Saint George Utah. Thus, your local laws will play a vital role in determining the best investment option.

Property size

Similar to the property type, your budget also determines the size of the property you should buy. It is better to grab a pen and paper and do some calculations before taking any action. Start by checking the nightly rates of properties of all sizes, along with the associated taxes. Then, calculate the costs of owning a house of that property. This way, you will get an idea of how many times you will need to rent out your property to recover your investment costs and start generating profits.

You might discover that a smaller property is easier to manage. The property size may also depend on the area. Destinations such as Hawaii have rooms and small houses filling up quickly as a lot of couples prefer traveling to that destination. On the other hand, families love visiting Florida, so you a 3- and 4-bedroom villa might be a better pick.

The quality of the property

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid properties that need a fix or upgrade because people will not prefer staying at a place that is under repair. The contractors might unexpectedly disappear and cannot have the property ready on time. Thus, it is better to pick ready to move in houses for rent in Washington Utah.

Property amenities

Amenities are the USP of a property, so it can be worth paying a little extra for a desirable facility such as a rooftop deck or a swimming pool. For instance, if you are to pick a villa in a late destination, it would be a great call to spend some extra money on having a dock or water access.

In popular skiing destinations, Ski-in and ski-out condos are always in demand. In areas such as Florida and Arizona, properties with pools are always appreciated. Therefore, amenities can be a significant factor in easily renting out your property.


Vacation rentals can be an excellent real estate investment option as more and more people are starting to travel. But, be sure to consider the factors discussed above to ensure you pick the best rental properties st George Utah that provides you returns for years to come. Lastly, do not get compelled and go out of your budget; do proper planning and spend your money smartly.Categories: Vacation Home Rentals

Give your family the best gift: A vacation rental home in Utah

Feb 22 2020 –

You love traveling, and your family does it too, and there is one place where they love visiting again and again. It can be Miami, St. George, Hawai, or any other city. What do you think can be the best gift for them? A vacation might sound compelling, but it is associated with a bunch of expenses, the major one of them being accommodation costs. With the prices of hotels, rooms, and apartments on the rise, you and your family cannot stay for as long as you want, which can be a frustrating experience.

So, why not eliminate this hassle by gifting your family a vacation house with pool near me?

What is a vacation rental home?

For those who do not know, it is no different than any other house, villa, or apartment, but it is located at a popular tourist destination, which encourages travelers to book it. In a nutshell, it is a property you build or purchase in a popular tourist place with an intention to rent it out and achieve consistent rental income. It is one of the most lucrative forms of real estate investment because traveling is becoming more affordable, and more people are packing their bags and willing to explore the world.

But, owning private vacation homes for rent does not mean you have to rent it out all the time. If your family is feeling like spending a few days at the location, you can close bookings for that while and enable your family to enjoy the vacation for as many days as they want without worrying about the accommodation expenses.

Why purchase a vacation rental property?

Not only is such property a valuable gift for your family, but it is an excellent investment option as well. Here are a few reasons to purchase vacation rentals over any other real estate.

You can own a dual-purpose property

When starting with real estate, you generally look for all the options you have. Vacation rentals can be an excellent pick because it serves a dual purpose: you can take your family to vacation and use it as your second home, and you can rent it out throughout the year to generate handsome side income. Buying a standard property with the sole purpose of renting it does not give you this perk.

Of-course, you generate rental income

It is evident that when you purchase a real estate property and rent it out, you make rental income. But do you know that the best family vacation rental homes generate more income than regular rental homes of the same size? When you invest in real estate, you should focus on ‘return on investment,’ and when you buy a vacation home, you instantly increase your returns.

You build value

Not only do vacation homes for rent in Utah help you make money from rental income, but it acts as a long-term investment option as well. A real estate property usually appreciates in value over time, so if you purchase a home and plan to sell it five or seven years later, you will get a much higher price and a straight profit on what you invested. Most importantly, you do not need to do anything to get this benefit, as real estate appreciation is a natural process. Just make sure your property is up to date. You can further increase your profits by making additions and modifications to the house and increase its market value.

Earn tax reductions

Like all real estate, vacation homes also provide tax deductions applicable to property tax, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, rental expenses, and utilities. However, the tax situation can get slightly complicated with vacation homes as it will depend on how many days you live in it and for how many days you rent it out.

It is less risky

Vacation rental homes, especially in top tourist destinations, are an instant success, and you can witness high booking, occupancy rates, and Utah’s best vacation rentals reviews within no time. It contributes to a high rental income right away, which might not be the case with other real estate investments. You can further reduce your risks by choosing a location that works either as a short-term rental or a long-term rental.

It is easy to manage

Many people take up vacation rental management as a full-time job, but you do not need to do so. You can do this part-time and earn enough money as vacation rental properties are not hard to manage.

Wrapping it up

Undoubtedly, a vacation home is one of the best gifts you can give to your family. In addition, it is one of the best investment options as well, especially if you are a beginner. Vacation homes are easy to rent out and bring in high rental amounts. Moreover, they are easy to manage and do not require frequent attention.Categories: Vacation Home Rentals

6 reasons to invest in Resort Vacation Properties in St. George, Utah

Feb 22 2020 –

If you are willing to spend some cash in a real estate property that provides consistent, high rental income and resale value, you should consider investing in a vacation resort solutions st George Utah. If you perceive such places to be attractive only for golfers, you are incorrect because there is a lot to love about the resort lifestyle.

In this article, we will discuss six primary reasons why you should be investing in a resort vacation property.

Best-in-class supporting amenities

Whether you love tennis, skiing, swimming, golf, scuba diving, sailing, or just hitting the gym, the bundle of facilities resort vacations st George can offer are not only endless but world-class as well. From hosting exciting tournaments in celebrity-designed golf courses to witness renowned tennis championships, resort properties have seen it all.

By owning a resort home, you can offer your guests with all these facilities, making your rental income and resale value skyrocket.

Beautiful surroundings

Resort vacation properties saint George are usually located in peaceful and mesmerizingly enchanting environments, giving the residents an exquisite staying experience. Whether you play golf or not, your surroundings will be maintained to the fullest, offering an everlasting lush, green, and clean surroundings. Moreover, if your property is located at a prime spot, it will be safe form vibrant fairways, sand traps, and water hazards.

Even areas that are away from your property are well looked after; all the nearby gardens and green spaces are consistently tended, which ensures beautiful scenery all the time. Most guests, when choosing a vacation property to stay, prioritize the views they get from their rooms. With investing in a resort, you can provide your guests with the best possible views of a tourist location.

Doorstep facilities

Facilities might vary depending upon your location and property type, but most resorts are in the near vicinity of shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and clubhouses. Some larger resorts also have these amenities in-house, with some even offering salons and spas. You can also expect them to be located near banks, pharmacies, hospitals, and gardens. As a resident, you will always have access to such essential destinations. And, when you rent out your resort, your guests will appreciate these st George Utah vacation packages and will be more than obliged to request a booking.

There are some restrictions, but they work for you

There are some legal rules associated with resorts regarding what property owners can and cannot do. These regulations not only work in your favor but in the interest of the resort as well. These rules promote consistency and continuity across the resort, making sure that your property is always in an appreciable appearance and condition. Besides, it enables the resort to retail its actual look and feel, which is vital in protecting a property’s desirability and value.

Rental Potential

Since we are talking about vacation resort property as an investment, let’s discuss its rental potential as well. If you purchase the property at the right place, its rental appeal will stand beyond all other types of vacation rentals. From golfing fanatics waiting for months to play to families wanting an ample space to play with their kids and dogs, all kinds of tourists appreciate good-quality resorts.

As mentioned before, your guests will also love the convenience of the facilities they get, along with the ease of moving around and the comfort of security. In addition, resorts are built and designed to attract tourists, so you will never fall short of rental opportunities.

Exceptional resale value

Okay, so you have owned and rented out a resort for five to seven years, and recovered a good portion of the investment you made. And now, you are willing to sell it off. Resorts are always in high demand among real estate investors, and if your resort has excellent goodwill, you can expect returns upto 30-35 percent on your initial investment. To compare, average returns on regular real estate properties are no more than 15 percent.

However, it is crucial to identify the ideal to time to sell your property. The real estate market is mercurial and can change every year. Thus, it is essential to stay updated with the market trends and find out when resort purchases are in full swing. You can also invest some money in adding some high-value amenities to your resort to further increase its resale value.

The bottom line

If you are new to real estate and contemplating to invest some money, there is no better option than vacation rentals. However, even in vacation properties, there are several options, and not all of them offer equal returns. Resorts stand out as one of the favorite picks for families, couples, and young travelers due to the seamless amenities, comfort, and luxury they provide. Therefore, vacation resort property is the best investment option that guarantees consistent rental income and high resale value.Categories: Vacation Resorts