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5 of the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in St. George, Utah

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December 1, 2021

If you’re visiting St. George to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any other exciting event, you should take some time to enjoy a nice dinner at any of the incredible restaurants in the area. With one-of-a-kind gourmet dishes prepared by outstanding chefs, these restaurants are perfect for commemorating your special day. Here are 5 of the best fine dining restaurants in St. George, Utah:

1. Anasazi Steakhouse

If you’re craving a thick and juicy steak, Anasazi Steakhouse is the place for you! Serving hand-cut meats either “On the Rock” or “On the Grill”, this steak house provides a unique dining experience you won’t find anywhere else. They use the ancient cooking method of cooking their meats on hot volcanic stone, so you can see it sizzle and cook to perfection right in front of you! If you’re not in the mood for steak, they also offer great entree options, including their Shrimp and Large Scallop Duet and Mahi Mahi.

2. Wood Ash Rye

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Located in historic downtown St. George, Wood Ash Rye is constantly creating new, seasonal recipes to provide a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience. With everything from artisanal pastries to craft cocktails, this restaurant has something for everyone. Using fresh, regionally sourced ingredients, prepared by the best chefs in the area, their dishes will leave you amazed. In addition to their fabulous menu, Wood Ash Rye also offers a wonderful atmosphere and a staff who are passionate about the immersive culinary experience you can expect at this establishment.

3. Painted Pony Restaurant

The Painted Pony Restaurant is by far one of the best restaurants in St. George, Utah and is the perfect place to wine and dine for an evening. Using a contemporary take on Southwestern classics, this restaurant is constantly creating new and exciting dishes for their customers to try. Using only the freshest ingredients, these dishes will leave you speechless. Enjoy their Bacon Wrapped Duck, Rack of New Zealand Lamb or the Rosemary Spiked Ribeye for your entree. We recommend ordering sides of the Truffled Ruffles or Creamed Brussels Sprouts.

4. Aragosta Restaurant

rack of lamb

Executive Chef Imi Kun has crafted a menu filled with contemporary American and fine European cuisine, complete with the perfect wine pairing for any dish. We suggest making a reservation for Aragosta Restaurant to ensure a table at one of the most highly coveted restaurants in St. George, Utah. Make sure to browse their extensive wine selection to find the perfect drink to sip while you enjoy your meal.

5. Chef Alfredo’s

If you’re ready to fulfill your craving for delicious Italian cuisine, stop by Chef Alfredo’s! Choose from classic Italian dishes like Rigatoni Carbonara and Lasagna Bolognese or select your favorite from Chef Alfredo’s Ravioli menu. Make sure to save room for dessert so you can try the Cannoli, Limoncello, or Tiramisu. With so many delicious options, you can’t go wrong at this St. George restaurant.

Now that you have discovered a few of the best fine dining restaurants in St. George, Utah, you can begin making your reservations for these awesome spots. Looking for something a little different? Check out all of the other dining options in the St. George area and decide what sounds best to you!