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Your Guide to the Weather in St. George, Utah for All 4 Seasons

St George Utah water and dessert scene
June 7, 2021

When planning a vacation, it is important to check the weather to make sure there will be ideal conditions for your trip! Few things can ruin a getaway more than bad weather. Luckily, when you travel to St. George, you’re in for consistently great weather year-round. Here is your guide to the weather in St. George, Utah for all 4 seasons:

1. Winter

snow in utah

Even in the winter months, you can still get out and explore all that St. George has to offer! With average highs in the 50’s during the day and lows in the 30’s at night, you’re sure to stay cool on your hikes. Winter is typically when we start to see rain and snow moving in from Pacific storm systems, averaging around an inch of rain or less in January and February. While snow is rare in lower areas, the upper elevations will typically see a dusting of snow after winter storms. Pine Valley mountain and a few of the nearby ski resorts get a reliable amount of snowfall each year, making for a perfect day to ski or snowboard.

2. Spring

You’ll begin to see the first signs of Spring about halfway through February when trees begin to bud and greenery starts to develop in sunnier areas. By the end of the month into March, temperatures rise to the 60’s and 70’s, and the desert begins to turn green from the Winter rain. While everyone else is still bundled up and freezing, we begin to trade our jackets for tank tops! The wind is typically at its highest during the Spring, keeping the heat at bay. By mid-April, you’ll see tons of plant life begin to bloom. In May, temperatures are approaching 90 in the day and average in the 50’s at night.

3. Summer

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The weather in St. George, Utah during the Summer is hot and dry. It is not uncommon for temperatures to reach over 100 degrees in July, with humidity rarely above 40%. Don’t let the heat stop you, there is still plenty of time to enjoy tons of outdoor activities! In the early mornings, you can expect temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, making for an awesome morning hike. You will see these same temperatures in the afternoon as you climb to higher, cooler elevations. Precipitation increases throughout the Summer from almost none in June to potential showers in July and August as monsoons from the gulf of California make their way to Utah.

4. Fall

Fall is a beautiful time in St. George! The Fall colors of the mountains peak in late September, making for unbeatable views that you can’t miss! Temperatures drop from the low 90’s in September to mid-60’s in November, allowing you tons of time to explore Utah with gorgeous weather. Enjoy brisk mornings and evenings with warm temperatures in between. Remember, during the Fall, daylight hours begin to shorten as the nights get longer, so make sure to have all your fun early before the sun goes down!

Now that you know all about the weather in St. George, Utah, you can start planning what time of year you want to visit. Still looking for a place to stay? Check out all of our vacation rentals and book your next trip today!