Southern Utah red rock formations

4 Incredible Indoor Attractions in St. George

roller skates lined up on a shelf
December 9, 2022

Southern Utah is known for its abundance of natural beauty, so you will definitely want to take some time during your trip to enjoy a round of golf or a hike through the red rock cliffs. However, if you need a place to escape the heat, there are plenty of wonderful activities available! Here are 4 family-fun indoor attractions in St. George:

1. The Grip Ninja

Have you ever seen the show American Ninja Warrior and wondered how the athletes learn their skills? Well, mastering the art of grip strength comes from hours of practice and training. At The Grip Ninja, you can test out your own ninja skills. The Ninja Gym has open hours all throughout the week where you can test out the challenging obstacle course, let your kids get their energy out, and the attraction also has classes for guests of all ages! Before you know it, you will become a certified ninja!

2. Phat Axe

axe throwing activity

Axe throwing is an exciting activity for your next night out! When you visit Phat Axe, you will be given a short demonstration and training, and then you can test out your throwing skills. They have a variety of targets set up throughout the arena that you can take aim at, so be sure to visit to see if you have what it takes to hit the bullseye. This is one of the many attractions in St. George that is kid-friendly, so bring the entire family to see who is the ultimate lumberjack of the group.

3. St. George Children’s Museum

The St. George Children’s Museum is located next to Town Square Park, and it is full of interactive exhibits throughout 12 rooms. Don’t worry, both adults and children will enjoy the experience as you discover a new world of imagination. Some of the exhibits you will see while you explore include a farm, a grocery store, a bank, government offices, and so much more. Your kids are sure to love the hands-on exhibits that are both fun and educational! A trip to the St. George Children’s Museum is also budget-friendly, as admission tickets are affordable and children ages 2 and under get in free!

4. The Rinq

friends roller skating together

Located in St. George, The Rinq is a fun attraction where your family can enjoy an afternoon or evening of roller skating. As you make your way around the rink, you will hear lively music that will have everyone in your group singing along. After your skating session, be sure to stick around to enjoy the other activities that are available, including air hockey and a putting green. Roller skating is a fun activity for all ages, and it is sure to take parents on a journey back in time to their own roller skating days.

After you enjoy one of the many indoor attractions in St. George, you are sure to work up an appetite! Luckily, there are plenty of local restaurants throughout the town where you can enjoy a meal with your family and friends!