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Top 5 Mexican Restaurants in St. George, Utah You’ll Love

April 13, 2022

When that craving for your favorite Mexican dish hits, you want to know where you can go! Luckily there are several fantastic places that will have tacos, burritos, fajitas, and all the other classic dishes you find yourself craving! Check out these top 5 Mexican restaurants in St. George, Utah you’ll love:

1. La Cocina Mexican Street Food

steak street tacos

If you love street food, then you have to try La Cocina Mexican Street Food. You can get a classic taco plate served with 3 street tacos, rice, and beans, or you can get a super taco stuffed with cheese, beans, sour cream, and avocado. There’s also burritos stuffed with your choice of meat, as well as quesadillas, loaded french fries, enchiladas, nachos, and more. This is an authentic place to get Mexican street food!

2. Irmita’s Casita Mexican Restaurant

Irmita’s Casita Mexican Restaurant is a fantastic place to get your favorite Tex Mex cuisine. This Mexican restaurant in St. George, Utah has all of your favorite dishes, including quesadillas filled with cheese, fajitas served with peppers and onions, and burritos smothered in a variety of sauces. Some of the most popular items at Irmita’s include enchiladas, super nachos, and chile relleno. You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious meals!

3. Angelica’s Mexican Grill


Are you looking for authentic Mexican dishes? Then you need to try Angelica’s Mexican Grill! This family-owned-and-operated restaurant serves a variety of dishes you’ll want to experience. You’ll choose your dish, and they include street tacos, soft tacos, mulitas, quesadillas, burritos, and fajitas. Then you’ll pick which meat you want, and that could be carne asada, shredded pork in chile verde, pollo asado, machaca, or a vegetarian option. Pair your meal with your favorite side and a delicious drink, and you’re all set!

4. Sanchez Mexican Food

Another fantastic Mexican restaurant in St. George, Utah you’ll want to try is Sanchez Mexican Food. Their dishes are true to Mexican cuisine, and there are quite a few options! You can’t go wrong with a carnitas plate, a deep fried chimichanga, enchiladas covered in red sauce, or chile relleno. You’ll also find more unique foods, like fried tilapia, asada fries, and menudo. Sanchez Mexican Food has so much on their menu, you may have to come back again and again!

5. Cafe Sabor


Cafe Sabor is a fantastic Tex Mex place to eat that you’ll want to try when you’re in town! Start out with freshly made guacamole, carne asada fries, or shrimp tostada. If you just can’t decide on one dish, get a combination with your choice of enchiladas, tacos, tamales, and more. Of course, you can always try fajitas and quesadillas with the filling of your choice, or you can branch out and try something new like camarones Mexicanos or pollo durango. There’s so much to choose from at Cafe Sabor!

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You won’t want to miss out on any of these Mexican restaurants in St. George, Utah! We know you can’t wait to try all of the delicious food these places serve, but first you need to find the perfect place to stay. Look through our vacation rentals St. George, and book one for your trip now!