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Top 5 Easy Hikes in St. George, Utah That Anyone Can Do

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April 7, 2022

While you’re on vacation in one of the most gorgeous cities in the western part of the United States, you probably want to get out and explore. You can’t miss out on taking in the beauty of the area, especially when you’re in such close proximity to several state parks and national parks, and one of the best ways to explore the area is to get out on some hiking trails! If you’re concerned about hiking and you’ve never been before, don’t be! There are plenty of simple trails that are perfect for beginners. Check out these top 5 easy hikes in St. George, Utah that anyone can do:

1. Anasazi (Puebloan) Trail

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Anyone who loves history and nature will want to explore the Anasazi Trail, which is also known as the Puebloan Trail. Located in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area, the trail follows along the landscape and takes you to some Anasazi ruins. Along your hike, you’ll get to enjoy native vegetation and the red cliffs in the distance. This trail is 1.1 miles round trip, making it the perfect trail to start out on!

2. Cholla Trail

If you’re looking for hikes in the St. George, Utah area that are easy to follow, the Cholla Trail is one you should experience. The trail is well laid out since so many people explore it, and you’ll have fun making your way across the desert. You will find all kinds of unique plants, and you may even spot some wildlife as you hike! This trail is 2 miles roundtrip, and it is located in the Santa Clara River Reserve.

3. Chuckwalla Trail

chuckwalla trail utah

Want to take in incredible scenery along your easy hike? Then the Chuckwalla Trail is the one for you! This hike is in the Paradise Canyon area, and it links several other major trails. Made up of mostly dirt, the path is simple to follow, but the views you can take in along your trek are absolutely breathtaking. You’ll want to explore the rock formations and keep an eye out for all kinds of wildlife. This trail is 1.9 miles round trip.

4. Enepitsi Trail

Another easy hike in St. George, Utah you don’t want to miss is the Enepitsi Trail. You’ll follow along an old dirt road until you reach the old river bottoms. Since this area is close to a water source, all of the plants are lushious, and you’ll love seeing petroglyphs on the cliff facings. The Enepitsi Trail is 1.2 miles round trip and located in the Santa Clara River Reserve.

5. Pioneer Hills Trail

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Pioneer Hills Trail is the perfect trail to start out on if you’re a beginner. It is in the City Creek area of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, and you’ll enjoy walking along the red sandy path as you check out the native plants and beautiful cliffs in the distance. If you really want to see wildlife, this is a great trail, because people typically see desert tortoises along the way! Pioneer Hills Trail is 1.4 miles round trip.

Anyone will enjoy these easy hikes in St. George, Utah, and they’re all about a half hour drive away from the city! If you’re excited about taking in the natural beauty of the area, you should start planning your next trip. Check out our St. George vacation rentals, and book one for your vacation now!