Southern Utah red rock formations

Top 5 Can’t-Miss Hikes in St. George, Utah

panoramic views of hiking trails in St George Utah
February 25, 2021

One of the best parts about being in St. George, Utah is the gorgeous views that surround you at every turn. Utah’s parks offer some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. When you visit St. George, you have to take the time to go for a hike to explore the sights for yourselves! To help you decide where to go, we’ve made a list of the top 5 can’t-miss hikes in St. George, Utah.

1. Jenny’s Canyon

Jenny's slot canyon

If you’re looking for a short yet rewarding hike, the Jenny’s Canyon hike is perfect for you. This hike is located in Snow Canyon State Park. It’s a short, out-and-back hike to a narrow slot canyon and a nearby overlook. In total, the hike takes about 20 minutes. From the trailhead, you’ll hike over a flat area before approaching a rock wall. To the left, you’ll see the opening to the slot canyon. You can explore the slot canyon before heading up to the right, where a short trail takes you to a lookout. From the lookout, you’ll have gorgeous views of the sand dunes on the opposite side!

2. Turtle Wall Trail

Turtle Wall Trail offers incredible scenery for all hikers, from beginning to advanced levels. The trail is a single dirt path that has an open view. It follows rock formations that connect the Chuckwalla Trail to Paradise Rim. Turtle Wall Trail is relatively flat and only has a slight elevation before the turnaround point. At the turnaround, the trail runs into Paradise Rim Trail and offers a gorgeous view. The round trip distance is about 2 miles, and it’s dog-friendly!

3. Lava Flow Trail

Lava Flow Trail in the St George Utah

Lava Flow Trail is about a 2.5 mile hike near St. George, Utah that is often used for hiking, nature trips and bird watching. The trail begins across a lava field, and hikers will see gaping holes in the ground that are the mouths of lava tubes, some of which you can actually walk down into to explore! At about the halfway point, a short spur will lead to the Lava Flow Overlook, where you can see views over the lava field behind you and the canyon in front of you. From here, you can continue to where the trail ends at West Canyon Road, then return on the same route.

4. Petrified Dunes Trail

This name may sound scary, but there’s nothing to be afraid of on this hike! Petrified Dunes is arguably one of the most enjoyable hikes in St. George, Utah. It’s so popular because people of all ages and abilities can enjoy it. It features wide-open rolling rock hills, and kids love running up and down the hillside. And we can’t forget to mention the views across the valley to the cliff walls and mountains. The total distance for this Petrified Dunes hike is 1.2 miles.

5. Whiptail Trail

paved trail in Snow Canyon State Park

The Whiptail Trail is another one of the best hikes in St. George, Utah because it’s accessible to everyone. It’s a wide, paved trail that can accommodate both wheelchairs and strollers. Both dogs and horses are welcome on this trail too! The Whiptail Trail runs along a 3-mile stretch of Snow Canyon State Park and offers views of several other Snow Canyon hikes. Visitors love using this trail for a morning jog or bike ride! The views combined with the simplicity of it make Whiptail Trail a favorite among everyone in the area.

Where to Find More Hikes in St. George, Utah

These are just some of the best hikes in St. George, Utah. The truth is, there are a number of national and state parks near St. George that offer countless trails for you to explore. The best part is that St. George typically has a sunny and warm climate, offering plenty of time throughout the year to hit the trails!

For more information on where to find the best hikes, learn more about the national and state parks near St. George, Utah.