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4 Must-Visit Restaurants in St. George for First-Time Visitors

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April 12, 2023

If you are planning your first visit to Southern Utah, it can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to see and do in the area, so you want to be sure to check out all the highlights during your trip. One of the best things about the area is that there are all types of local restaurants that offer an assortment of amazing cuisine. As you begin to make your itinerary, check out these 4 must-visit restaurants in St. George for first-time visitors:

1. Pica Rica BBQ

As one of the newest restaurants in St. George, Pica Rica BBQ is a dynamite blend of traditional Americana and Mexican barbecue! The philosophy of this restaurant is barbecue done the right way, which takes into account humidity, seasoning, and a lot of slow cooking. They have a variety of mouth-watering options on the menu, including tacos, sandwiches, and meats sold by the ½ pound. Be sure to also try out one of the signature desserts, which includes smoked butterscotch pudding and pineapple pie!

2. Farmstead

homemade pizza fresh out of the oven

Farmstead is the perfect place to start off your day of adventures in St. George. You can stop by to pick up an amazing breakfast sandwich before your hiking trip to Zion National Park or enjoy a delicious lunch after a day on the golf course. They have a little bit of everything on the menu, ranging from sandwiches and salads to pizzas. Be sure to also sample one of the homemade cookies that are made fresh in the bakery! As you plan your trip to St. George, be sure to schedule a visit to this amazing European-themed bakery and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Cliffside Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in St. George is Cliffside Restaurant . Not only do they have amazing dinner features, but there is no other restaurant with this kind of scenic view! They are located on a cliff right above the boulevard, which overlooks the scenic St. George valley. On nice days, you can enjoy your meal on the outdoor patio while you soak in the stunning views of Southern Utah. Cliffside has all sorts of amazing entrees, including fresh seafood, pasta, steaks, and more. The combination of delicious food and remarkable views makes this one of the must-visit restaurants in the area.

4. Anasazi Steakhouse

steaks on a grill with flame

Anasazi Steakhouse is a great restaurant for all occasions! Whether you are looking for an upscale restaurant to enjoy with the entire family or you would like to enjoy a romantic dinner with your sweetheart, this restaurant is the perfect place. Between the fondue appetizers and the hot rock cooking technique, you will adore this unique dining experience during your first visit to Southern Utah!

Now that you know about the best restaurants in St. George to visit, check out some of the things to do in the area during your vacation! We hope you enjoy your trip!