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What to look for in a vacation rental home in St. George, Utah?

June 26, 2020

So there is a vacation spot in your mind where you love visiting every year or two. Instead of paying for the hotel or Airbnb, you can p[urchase a home or a villa and have your accommodation ready irrespective of the season you visit. In addition, it acts as an excellent real estate investment as well. You can rent out the property for the rest of the year and earn a decent side income.

But what kind of property should you buy? The answer to this question can vary widely; thus, here is what to look in a vacation rental home in St George Utah.

Property location

If you are considering this vacation rental as a mere investment option and not a place to spend your vacation, the site might not be a concern as long as it is a popular destination. You can simply search the web about the upcoming popular vacation homes for rent in Saint George Utah, but it is recommended to pick a spot that you personally like to visit.

It is helpful for the fact that you can use it yourself. Although it is essential to be located at a popular location, make sure you choose a place where you like to go. There is another reason for it. If you frequently visit the space, you will make sure it is up to date with the best amenities and features, And homes that are well-equipped are more likely to be picked for rent and at great prices.

The type of property

In most cases, the property type will be decided by the budget you have. If you are tight on funds and have little money to invest, you can pick a condo or apartment. If you have like millions to spend, you can even choose a large 5-bedroom, two-story villa.

However, there is a noticeable trend in Utah homes for rent by owner bookings. People generally prefer apartments over condos. Similarly, most travelers do not book massive mansions and try sticking with small apartments. It all depends on what kind of travelers you are targeting.

There is a bit of status involved as well. People might choose condos over houses and villas over apartments because they look good, catchy, and unique. But, most people will simply pick a place to live in their preferred location and budget.

Keep in mind the local laws before making a purchase, as in some areas, renting out a condo for short-term stay is illegal, but it is not the case with house rentals in Saint George Utah. Thus, your local laws will play a vital role in determining the best investment option.

Property size

Similar to the property type, your budget also determines the size of the property you should buy. It is better to grab a pen and paper and do some calculations before taking any action. Start by checking the nightly rates of properties of all sizes, along with the associated taxes. Then, calculate the costs of owning a house of that property. This way, you will get an idea of how many times you will need to rent out your property to recover your investment costs and start generating profits.

You might discover that a smaller property is easier to manage. The property size may also depend on the area. Destinations such as Hawaii have rooms and small houses filling up quickly as a lot of couples prefer traveling to that destination. On the other hand, families love visiting Florida, so you a 3- and 4-bedroom villa might be a better pick.

The quality of the property

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid properties that need a fix or upgrade because people will not prefer staying at a place that is under repair. The contractors might unexpectedly disappear and cannot have the property ready on time. Thus, it is better to pick ready to move in houses for rent in Washington Utah.

Property amenities

Amenities are the USP of a property, so it can be worth paying a little extra for a desirable facility such as a rooftop deck or a swimming pool. For instance, if you are to pick a villa in a late destination, it would be a great call to spend some extra money on having a dock or water access.

In popular skiing destinations, Ski-in and ski-out condos are always in demand. In areas such as Florida and Arizona, properties with pools are always appreciated. Therefore, amenities can be a significant factor in easily renting out your property.


Vacation rentals can be an excellent real estate investment option as more and more people are starting to travel. But, be sure to consider the factors discussed above to ensure you pick the best rental properties st George Utah that provides you returns for years to come. Lastly, do not get compelled and go out of your budget; do proper planning and spend your money smartly.Categories: Vacation Home Rentals