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4 Easy Biking Trails in St. George for Beginners

mountain biking trail in St. George Utah
March 21, 2023

One of the best things about a vacation in Southern Utah is getting to enjoy the natural scenery and gorgeous weather. There are a ton of outdoor activities in the area, including hiking trails, golf courses, and places to ride your bike. Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or you just want to enjoy a relaxing ride with your family, there are trails for every age and skill level! Here are 4 easy biking trails in St. George for beginners:

1. Chuckwalla

Paradise Rim biking trail in St. George

The ride from Chuckwalla to Paradise Rim is an awesome trail because it offers a little bit of everything. Along the ride, you will experience both slick rock riding and a single dirt path for a portion of the trail. One of the best parts about this ride is that you will be treated to one of the most scenic views in all of Utah as you look out over Santa Clara! In total, this biking trail covers 4.2 miles roundtrip and will take between 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Of course, you can always take longer if you please by making stops to soak in the scenery!

2. Bearclaw Poppy

Although Bearclaw Poppy is great for beginners, it is one of the many biking trails in St. George that is fun for all riders! The loop begins at the end of Navajo Drive and features a figure eight design that crosses over at the base of Acid Drops. One of the fun facts about this trail is how it got its name. The Bearclaw Poppy is a rare flower that blooms in the area for a brief period of time in spring and then disappears. If you are able to ride the trail during spring, you may just catch a glimpse of the flower during your adventure!

3. Mountain Overlook Trail

Mountain Overlook biking trail in St. George

If you are looking for a great family bike ride, Mountain Overlook Trail is perfect! It only takes about 25 minutes to complete and covers 2.25 miles roundtrip. Most of the path is dirt singletrack, but there are also a couple of easy rocky sections. Even though this is a shorter trail, the views are still spectacular as it looks out over Hurricane and the Virgin River. If you want to continue your adventure, there are plenty of other connecting trails to choose from.

4. Pioneer Rim Trail

Pioneer Rim Trail is filled with so much to see that it’s hard to pick out the highlights! This 2.2-mile roundtrip biking trail features both slick rock and dirt path riding. The most unique part of the ride comes when going over the famous “Crack in the Rock” near Dixie Rock. As you go across the crack, you can actually see people hiking underneath, which is an incredible experience. The trail is popular year-round, so you can check it out during your next trip to Southern Utah!

Where to Rent Your Mountain Bikes

When you stay in one of our St. George vacation rentals, you can rent mountain bikes for your entire family through us! We have teamed up with a local mountain bike partner, Ride On , to provide bikes for our guests. You can have your mountain bikes dropped off right at your rental and you will receive a special discount on your bike rental just for staying with us!

Would you like to learn more ways to enjoy the outdoors? Check out these hiking and biking trails in St. George for your next adventure! We look forward to hosting you for your next vacation in Southern Utah!