Southern Utah red rock formations

4 Hikes Near St. George to Check Out on Your Next Vacation

Red Reef Trail in St. George Utah
April 26, 2023

There are so many fun ways to explore the natural scenery that St. George has to offer, which includes scheduling time to venture out on some of the nearby hiking trails. Luckily, there are a ton of marvelous options for hikers near our vacation rentals, including Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park. In addition to these popular destinations, there are some other trails you don’t want to miss out on! Here are 4 hikes near St. George to check out on your next vacation:

1. Aspiration Point Trail

One of the most incredible hikes near St. George is the Aspiration Point Trail . This hike is great for families and beginning-level hikers due to the short distance and fairly easy navigation. One of the most amazing experiences on this trail is that you can find painted rocks that have been left by hikers that have come before. Many of the rocks contain different drawings or inspirational quotes. In addition, this hike is a great way to soak in the excellent views of St. George and is located very close to our rental properties in the Desert Color community.

2. Owen’s Loop

Owen's Loop hiking trail in St. George

Owen’s Loop is a fantastic single-track hiking trail that offers incredible views of St. George, Santa Clara, and Ivins. Throughout the journey, you will walk right along the cliffside of the Red Hill and it also loops around to give you a stunning view of Red Hills Golf Course, which is just one of the many amazing golf courses near St. George! At 2.61 miles round-trip, we recommend allowing yourself at least a couple of hours to complete the trail to fully enjoy all the natural beauty.

3. Red Reef Trail

The Red Reef Trail is also commonly referred to as the Red Cliffs Hike, as most people travel the entire trail which connects to the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness trail system. Red Reef Trail itself covers nearly 1.5 miles, while the entirety of the hike through the full loop will take you closer to 6 miles. One of the many highlights of this hike is that it presents incredible views that will last a lifetime! Throughout the journey, you will travel by a variety of plants and rock formations. While this hike is amazing any time of the year, it’s most popular in early and late spring.

4. Cinder Cone Trail

Cinder Cone Trail in Southern Utah

Listed in many cases as a moderate hike, Cinder Cone Trail is a hike that is well worth the work you put in. The trail itself is pretty short, but there are some steep portions and a total elevation gain of more than 500 feet. While there are gorgeous views all along the way, the prize is getting to see one of the ancient volcanoes in Southern Utah! Once at the top, you can also hike down into a crater and check out the small rock wall.

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