Desert Color

Desert Color has it all! Guests will love the resort lagoon that has 2.5 acres of surface area and a half-mile white sand shoreline, making it the largest private body of water in the St. George area. The lagoon is the perfect place for guests to swim, kayak, paddle-board, and more. There is also a beautiful resort pool! Take a look at all the vacation rentals in the Desert Color community below.

place820 W. Akoya Pearl Street
Desert Color LagoonDCSS23AC-378_1[1]Resort at Sunsetaerial view of resortDCSS23AC-215_1[1]DCSS23AC-248_1-scaled[1]Desert Color PoolResort Amenitiespool at nightDCSS23AC-6_1[1][1]DCSS23AC-62_1[1]DCSS23AC-535[1]DCSS23AC-590[1]DCSS23AC-147_1[1]DCSS23AC-188_1[1]DCSS23AC-230_1[1]DCSS23AC-252_1[1]DCSS23AC-290_1[1]DCSS23AC-381_1[1]DCSS23AC-389_1[1]DCSS23AC-406_1[1]DCSS23AC-410_1[1]DCSS23AC-487_1[1]DCSS23AC-510_1[1]DCSS23AC-527_1[1]DCSS23AC-531_1[1][1]