Southern Utah red rock formations

4 Things to Know About Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park near St. George UT
March 28, 2023

Southern Utah is home to an abundance of both state and national parks that make it the perfect place to visit with your family and friends. These destinations are filled with exciting outdoor activities, amazing history, and breathtaking views that will blow you away! One of the most popular state parks in the area is Snow Canyon State Park, which is conveniently located near our vacation rentals in St. George. Here are 4 things to know about the park:

1. Basic Park Information

The park is open from 6 AM until 10 PM daily and it is located about 11 miles northwest of St. George. Snow Canyon State Park is open year-round to the public, and the entrance fee is $10 per vehicle. One of the interesting things about the park is that it is pet-friendly, so it’s a great place to go and enjoy the natural scenery with your pup!

2. Best Time of Year to Visit

winter at Snow Canyon State Park

As we mentioned, the park is open year-round so many people wonder when the best time of the year to visit is. Luckily, each season brings different and exciting adventures, plus incredible sights and new opportunities so it just depends on what you are looking for. During the spring and fall, you will experience more mild temperatures that are great for hiking or biking the trails inside the park. The summer months are probably one of the most popular times of the year, as many people vacation to the area for summer trips with their families. If you want to avoid the crowds, winter is your best time to visit as there are fewer people on the trails.

3. Hiking Paradise

There are many different ways to enjoy the beauty of Snow Canyon State Park, including hiking on one of the many trails in the park. The park contains over 20 miles of trails that venture through both the dunes and among the red rock cliffs. While each trail presents a unique adventure, two of the most popular hikes are the Lava Flow Overlook Trail and the Petrified Dunes Trail. Both of these trails are great for beginners as they are both out and back hikes that are under 2.5 miles roundtrip, but they each feature some unbelievable views!

4. More Ways to Enjoy the Park

mountain biking trail in St. George

In addition to hiking, there are plenty of other ways to have fun in the sun and enjoy the natural beauty of one of Utah’s marvelous state parks. There is an abundance of road biking trails in the park where you can enjoy some of the breathtaking views along Snow Canyon Drive. For those looking for a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can even go rock climbing among the cliffs! Whether you want to enjoy a thrilling adventure or just run through the sand dunes, there truly is something for everyone when you visit Snow Canyon State Park!

Now that you know a little more about Snow Canyon State Park, check out some of the other amazing national and state parks near our vacation rentals in St. George. We hope you enjoy your next visit to stunning Southern Utah!