How to get around the event road blocks and current construction. There has got to be a better Waze?!

Best Traffic App to use when traveling in Southern Utah.    Waze  I first heard about Waze when living in LA and commuting in congested traffic. I actually totally forgot about this app until last week when I had family in town from the East Coast and they used their Waze app to get directions. Having a fresh reminder of how helpful that Waze app can be made me want to write this post in hope of helping out some of our fabulous guests!    Why Waze? 
  1. Live Traffic Jam news
  2. FREE on any iTunes or Android app store 
  3. Save time and gas money on your commute! 
  4. All this is from real-time updates by other drivers 
Now I know you are thinking well this is the same thing as Google Maps right? All I have to say is there must be a reason that Waze has more downloads than maps... - Nuff said.    Thankfully, St. George has fairly decent traffic but there can be pretty thick traffic on some of our peak weekends when we tend to have the most guests visiting the area.    A lot of the traffic and blocked roads come from all the unique events and races that St. George Races brings to our area.    Some of those events are: 
  • The City of St. George Races - proud sponsor of BTW! 
  • St. George Marathon 
  • St. George Ironman
  • Soccer, baseball and softball tournaments
  • Huntsman World Senior Games 
  • St. George Parade of Homes   
  • Thanksgiving 

Road Construction is in FULL SWING down here!  In addition to all the events, we have some pretty extensive road construction happening on Bluff Street in St. George. By having this helpful tool, you can drive like a local and get the fastest route to your destination!  At any rate, you get the idea, things can still get heavy in what St. Georgians consider "high traffic" even though the rest of the nation would be envious of our "traffic jams".    The next time you are visiting and asking how to get around a race or a bulldozer on Bluff street, don't forget to download Waze!